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By Peter Drucker

Simply and plainly defined, a leader is one who has followers. Leaders deserve to have followers if they have earned recognition. Authority alone is no longer enough to command respect.
  • Leaders see things through the eyes of followers. Leaders put themselves in their shoes, and help them make their dreams come true.
  • Leaders do not say "Get going!" Instead, a leader says, "Let's go!" and leads the way. Leaders do not walk behind with a whip but are out in front with a banner.
  • Leaders assume that followers are working with them, not for them. They consider their followers partners in the work and see to it that they share in the rewards. Leaders glorify the team spirit.
  • Leaders duplicate themselves in others. They are "people" builders. They help those under them to grow big because they realize that the more big people an organization has, the stronger it will be.
  • Leaders do not hold people down, but lift them up. Leaders reach out their hands to help their followers scale the peaks.
  • Leaders have faith in people; believe in them, trust them, and thus draw out the best in them. Leaders find that others will rise to their highest expectations.
  • Leaders use heart as well as head. After the facts have been seen, they let their hearts take a look, too. Leaders are not just bosses--but friends.
  • Leaders are self-starters. They create plans and set them in motion. Leaders are people of action--both dreamers and doers.
  • Leaders have a sense of humor. Leaders are not stuffed shirts. They can laugh at themselves--have a humble spirit.
  • Leaders can be led and are not interested in always having their own way, but finding the best way. Leaders always have an open mind.
  • Leaders keep their eyes on high goals and strive to make the efforts of their followers and themselves contribute to the enrichment and achievement of more abundant living for all.

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