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Hail the Masses!

Movies can move the masses, all right.

Organ Donation, Blankets, and Cockroaches

So the Chinese are devising a nationwide organ-donation system, I hear. This they are doing to put the practice of harvesting organs from executed prisoners to rest.

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Our Apologies on the E-cigarette Headline

One of the news stories we covered yesterday, on FDA’s take on e-cigarettes, contains a series of errors. Miss James, the reporter, may have overlooked certain facts and distorted others. In the headline itself, which was not written by the reporter herself by the way, it was made out that, in terms of damage to health, FDA equated e-cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes. This is far from what the agency actually said.

A Dame and a Dog

Ever been chased by a bulldog? I’ve been. Scariest thing in the world, I tell you. Though my brush with the bulldoggy took place in college days, the memory is horribly vivid. Here's what transpired...

It was a lovely evening with lovely lasses pottering randomly around the market place. I was stationary at a popular ice-cream parlor with an old pal of mine, having licks at a cone and eyeing (not to be confused with ogling) playfully every pretty face that managed to catch my fancy.

U.S. Shootings: Why They Killed

- An Alabama man goes on killing spree at the start of last week. At least 9 dead.

- Another man barges into a birthday party at the end of the same week on Sunday, the 15th of March, shoots his separated wife and three others to death, then kills himself. Four dead.

It’s not the dead count that matters as much as the reason killings happen. People kill for different reasons. For fun (kicks), for revenge, out of frustration, hunger for power, need to dominate, proving their supremacy (to others, to themselves).

Good Cop, Bad Cop

India or Australia, cops will be cops and they will always look for that bad man in you. But there’s something an Aussie cop is doing right. Read on to find out what...

Ever since my mother told me “drink your milk, else the cops will get you”, I have been reluctant to like cops. Not that I have a particularly negative experience with the cops to relate; it’s just the general air about them that gets me. They are always looking for that bad man in you.

The Evil Within Some of Us

Not too long ago in America, this sicko entered a single mother's apartment, raped her violently a number of times through the night, cut her open while he was raping her because he liked it that way, killed her by dawn, and left. The worst part was that her nearly two-year-old baby was crying on the same bed the whole night. When police got to the scene two days later, the baby had just died of hunger and crying.

Obesity and Self-Esteem

A physically beautiful person experiences life in a different way than an ugly or obese person does. It’s the same as the divide between life experiences and the personalities of a rich man and a poor man. Ugly as it may sound, it is one of the truths of our society.

Doctor’s Callousness – Is He to be Blamed?

Doctors are routinely accused of being callous towards their patients’ suffering; of treating them like projects to complete. Here’s my perspective, for what it’s worth.

I have always maintained that after a certain while of being in a profession, barring a few exceptions, you become your profession. A construction worker will behave like a construction worker. Doctors are no exception, and you can pretty much tell a doctor apart from, say, a lawyer or a journalist.

For the Dentally Challenged

A recent British study has suggested that lavender scent could somewhat offset the jitters patients get at the dentist’s clinic. Here’s my take on this news story that has inadvertently touched me where it hurts the most.