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Ask Jeeves Launches Advertising Network

Ask Jeeves Inc. is to unveil a automated paid listing service today called Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings that allows advertisers to place bids for advertisements on its network.

Google is the primary way most advertisers currently appear at Ask Jeeves. Those buying ads on Google also automatically show up at Ask Jeeves and other Ask-owned properties through a partnership that began in September 2002, unless an advertiser specifically chooses to opt-out of the Google Network to run ads only on Google's own sites.

Till now about a third of its revenue used to come from its partnership with search giant google, which would last till 2007. In addition to its own Web sites, Ask Jeeves plans to offer its ads to others. Its network is small, but Speer said he intends to expand it, potentially to sister sites in the IAC/InterActiveCorp. family, which includes dating site, Citysearch online city guides and Ticketmaster.

The expansion heralds a new era for Ask Jeeves, a 9-year-old company that survived the dot-com bust to be acquired for $2.3 billion by InterActiveCorp in a deal completed just a fortnight back.

New York-based IAC is controlled by iconoclastic media mogul Barry Diller, who defied skeptics nearly 20 years ago when he orchestrated the successful launch of a fourth broadcast television network at Fox.