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Amazon reduces Xbox Live subscription to less than $30

Seattle, January 19: Xbox 360 Live Gold is now made even more affordable as the e-commerce giant slashed down its price even further, with the service now costing only $29.97.

Amazon revealed the very affordable price of the Xbox 360 Live Gold on Sunday as a part of their new accessories’ sale which offers a discount of as much as 25 percent for video game products.

Xbox Live is an online service from the Microsoft Corporation which allows users to engage in multiplayer gaming for a fee. It was retailed for a price of $49.99 but in July last year, the service was made free to PC users.

Amazon previously reduced the price of the service to $38.99 but they have now made an even further reduction on the price of Xbox Live Gold, making it only $29.97 for 12 months plus 1 Gold subscription card. This brings the price of the service to only $2.31 a month, thus making it more enticing for Xbox 360 users.

For a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, gamers can enjoy a worldwide multiplayer gaming, free downloads of videogame demos and trailers, and access to download more game play content, games, movies and television shows.

It is still unknown if the price reduction made by Amazon is only temporary or if Microsoft is taking this price reduction as a step to also give Xbox 360 users a free access to the service, just like what they gave to PC users.

According to Microsoft, there are currently 17 million users subscribed to the Xbox Live service and 28 million Xbox 360 game consoles sold worldwide. Despite this number, Sony’s Playstation 3 still gives the game consoles a tough competition, especially since the recently released PlayStation Network offers features similar to the Xbox Live for free.

The research specialist NPD Group Inc. reported this week that the Xbox 360 had strong sales in the United States last December, selling 1.44 million game consoles. It outsold the PlayStation 3 by a ratio of 2:1.

The Xbox 360 is the second game console released by Microsoft Corp., with the Xbox being the first one. It is considered to be part of the seventh generation video game console together with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii.