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iphone Nano: rumor or reality?

Chicago, United States, December 23: Apple is launching a smaller version of iphone3G ,named as ‘iphone nano’, which is wider and thicker than the iphone 3G. This is a current rumor that may come true at the Macworld.

The iphone nano is believed to be much cheaper so people who cannot afford to buy iphone 3G can purchase iphone nano. It is being said, the iPhone nano might not include 3G and have lower resolution display, making it difficult for nano to download app store programs and games. The devise will be wider and thicker and carry a mirror screen.

The ‘smaller and cheaper’ iphone nano would have a smaller 320x240-resolution touchscreen. In addition, it would carry 2-megapixel camera, an accelerometer, proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor.

Apple is expected to launch iphone nano in Macworld expo 2009 and soon the device will be available at all distribution points, across the nation including Apple and Wal-Mart stores.

Many bloggers have predicted that the device will cost less than the iphone 3G with two years service contract.

The site of an online store iDeals China has already published rough picture of iphone nano and also showing some of its features. A well-known silicon case vendor, XSKN also has a section ready for the upcoming accessories of this iphone, which is generating a lot of excitement in the people.

However, veracity of these stores and vendors cannot be guaranteed as the track record of these sources is not sacrosanct all the times and some have been accused of making Apple-related rumors in the past to draw attention of people towards their sites.