India’s Real Estate Evolution: Punjab and Mohali Leading the Charge

India’s real estate market is undergoing significant transformation, with emerging regions like Punjab playing a pivotal role. Valued at approximately USD 200 billion in 2023, the market is driven by urbanization, rising incomes, and supportive government policies such as the Smart Cities Mission and Housing for All initiatives​ (​​ (Hindustan Times)​. Among these regions, Mohali stands out as a leading example of growth and potential.

Punjab’s Ascending Real Estate Profile

Punjab is transitioning into a modern urban hub. Cities like Ludhiana, Amritsar, and Jalandhar are expanding, but it is Mohali that truly shines. Known for its strategic location near Chandigarh, Mohali boasts superior infrastructure and connectivity, making it a prime destination for real estate development.

Mohali: The Crown Jewel

Mohali’s evolution from a suburban town to a thriving urban center is remarkable. Its proximity to Chandigarh, excellent connectivity via Chandigarh International Airport, and national highways are key advantages.

Key Growth Drivers
  1. Strategic Location and Connectivity: Mohali’s adjacency to Chandigarh and excellent connectivity via the airport and national highways are significant assets.
  2. Infrastructure Development: Mohali is home to world-class infrastructure, including educational institutions like the Indian School of Business (ISB) and IISER, healthcare facilities, and recreational amenities. Recent zoning changes have expanded development opportunities, fostering both residential and commercial growth​ (​​ (Hindustan Times)​.
  3. Smart City Initiatives: As part of the Smart Cities Mission, Mohali has seen advancements in public services, traffic management, and security, making it a modern urban space.
  4. Economic Opportunities: Developments like IT City and Aerocity have turned Mohali into a business hub, attracting major tech companies and driving property demand. Additionally, the Aerotropolis project near Chandigarh International Airport is a significant development. Aerotropolis is designed as a mega township integrating residential, commercial, and recreational facilities, catering to the growing needs of the urban population and enhancing Mohali’s real estate appeal​ (Hindustan Times)​.

Saheb Buildtech: A Pillar of Mohali’s Growth

Amidst this thriving landscape, Saheb Buildtech, founded by Hardeep Singh and Rupinder Singh, has emerged as a key player. Operating from Sector 74A, Mohali, Saheb Buildtech is renowned for its high-quality, sustainable projects that cater to the needs of home buyers, businessmen and investors alike. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has solidified their reputation in Mohali’s real estate market.

Saheb Buildtech’s projects are characterized by modern architecture and sustainable practices, ensuring they meet contemporary needs while promoting environmental responsibility. This blend of innovation and quality has positioned Saheb Buildtech at the forefront of Mohali’s urban development​ (Hindustan Times)​​ (Hindustan Times)​.

Future Outlook

The future of Mohali’s real estate market looks promising, with sustained growth expected due to ongoing infrastructure development and increasing demand for quality housing and commercial spaces. Saheb Buildtech’s proactive and visionary approach ensures they will continue to play a crucial role in shaping Mohali’s landscape.


As India’s real estate market evolves, regions like Punjab and cities like Mohali are becoming key growth centers. With robust infrastructure and dynamic development, Mohali is set to become a major urban hub. Leading this growth with excellence and innovation is Saheb Buildtech, shaping the future of Mohali’s real estate.