Exports jump over 21% to $33.44 billion in September

According to preliminary data issued by the government on Friday, India’s merchandise exports increased by 21.35 percent year on year to $33.44 billion in September, owing to improved performance in critical sectors such as engineering items and petroleum products.

Imports of merchandise totaled $56.38 billion in September, up 84.75 percent from the previous year’s same month. In the same period a year ago, it was more than $30.52 billion. It’s also up 49.58 percent from $37.69 billion in September of this year.

The trade gap was $22.94 billion in September, thanks to an almost 750 percent increase in gold imports to $5.11 billion.

Exports totaled $197.11 billion in the first half of the fiscal year 2021 (April-September). This represents a 56.92 percent increase over the previous quarter’s $125.61 billion and a 23.84 percent increase over April-September 2019.