Amazon spent ₹8,500 crore in legal expense in just 2 years

According to sources, Amazon, which is probing alleged bribes made by its legal representatives in India, spent a whopping Rs 8,546 crore (USD 1.2 billion) on legal fees to retain a presence in the nation in 2018-20.

Amazon India Ltd (Holding Company), Amazon Retail India Pvt Ltd, Amazon Seller Services Pvt Ltd, Amazon Transportation Services Pvt Ltd, Amazon Wholesale (India) Pvt Ltd, and Amazon Internet Services Pvt Ltd (AWS) paid $3,420 crore in legal fees in India in 2018-19 and $5,126 crore in 2019-20, according to sources familiar with the firm’s public account filings.

In a statement, Khandelwal said that Amazon spent roughly “8,500 crores on legal and professional costs in two years (2018-20) against a turnover of about 45,000 crores.”
Amazon and Future Group have also filed lawsuits in Indian courts, including the Supreme Court.