Top cryptocurrency prices today: Solana, Cardano, XRP shed up to 12%

The price of significant cryptocurrencies plummeted on Monday, owing to a flood of negative news from around the world. Investors have become wary about another crypto-market catastrophe.

Except for stablecoins, eight of the top ten cryptocurrencies were trading lower around 9.30 IST. Solana lost up to 12% of its value, while Cardano and XRP lost more than 8%.

Compared to the previous day, the worldwide crypto market cap fell by 6% to $2.02 trillion. The overall crypto market volume, on the other hand, increased by 4% to $91.91 billion.

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg News, US investigators are looking into possible insider trading and market manipulation at Binance, potentially adding further heat to the cryptocurrency exchange that has come under regulatory scrutiny in several nations.