Exports rise 46% to $33.28 billion in August; trade deficit widens to $13.8 billion

India's exports rose by 45.76 per cent to $33.28 billion in August, as against $22.83 billion in the same month last year, according to commerce ministry data released on Tuesday.

According to figures issued by the commerce ministry on Tuesday, India’s exports increased by 45.76 percent to USD 33.28 billion in August, up from USD 22.83 billion the previous month.

Imports grew by 51.72 percent to USD 47.09 billion for the month, according to the figures.

In August, the trade imbalance increased to USD 13.81 billion, up from USD 8.2 billion the previous month.

From April to August 2021, the total value of exports increased by 67.33 percent to USD 164.10 billion, up from USD 98.06 billion the previous year.

Imports were USD 219.63 billion in April-August 2021, up from USD 121.42 billion the previous year.