Franklin Templeton MF unitholders to get Rs 2,918 Cr in sixth tranche

Under the first disbursement in February, investors received Rs 9,122 crore, while Rs 2,962 crore were paid to investors in April, Rs 2,489 crore in May, Rs 3,205 crore in June and Rs 3,303 crore in July.

Unitholders of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund’s six shutdown schemes will get the sixth payment of around Rs 2,918 crore from SBI Funds Management (SBI MF) on September 1. According to a Franklin Templeton MF spokeswoman, the total distribution after the settlement will be Rs 23,999 crore, or 95.18 percent of assets under management (AUM), as of April 23, 2020, when the fund house announced the schemes’ closure.

He stated that from September 1, 2021, all investors whose accounts are KYC compliant with all available details would be paid.

According to him, the money to be disbursed to unitholders would be spent extinguishing proportionate units at the net asset value on August 27 of this year.

Investors received Rs 9,122 crore in the first installment in February, followed by Rs 2,962 crore in April, Rs 2,489 crore in May, Rs 3,205 crore in June, and Rs 3,303 crore in July.

“The next tranche of Rs 2,918.5 crore would be distributed to unitholders across all six schemes by SBI Funds Management Pvt Ltd (SBI MF).”