Meet the India startups trying to pedal into Peloton’s track

Peloton holds the name that comes to mind when one thinks of a intelligent fitness exercise bike, even though it is not yet available in India. Is there, however, room in India for a Peloton-style smart fitness bike? Three Indian businesses are seeking to provide a solution to this question.

TREAD ONE is influenced by the Peloton adventure and costs Rs 49,990. According to founder Dinesh Godara, their bike was designed by Eric Villency, who also designed the original Peloton bike.

The Bengaluru-based business, which is now owned by the fitness brand Cult. Fit expects to begin shipping in August. The exercise cycle comes with a 22-inch screen that can be turned to try out different activities like strength training, yoga, etc. Peloton’s most recent version does something similar.

TREAD ONE, like the Peloton, focuses on live sessions and content. TREAD ONE also offers monthly memberships. Users will, however, have the option to download these classes at a later time. The subscription will cost up to Rs 1000 a month, according to the business. Furthermore, different members of the family will be able to create their profiles on the bike.

TREAD is hoping that their live content will set them apart. According to Godara, users would be able to have a “very immersive experience with real-time music, trainer, and motivation.” It will also employ Cult for cardio, yoga, and other exercises, though spinning content will be created in-house.

SynQFit is also making their on-demand programming available on the bike for free for the time being, while the company hopes to charge Rs 1000 per month in the future. Users can swivel the screen and utilize it for other workouts as well. Its curriculum includes floor workouts such as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), stretching, yoga, mindfulness, and toning and rehabilitation.