WhatsApp Pay feature now rolling out to more Indian users.

WhatsApp Pay, which first launched in India in November of last year, is now available to many customers. The new payments function will be given out to users gradually, according to the Facebook-owned messaging service. As the name implies, WhatsApp Pay allows users to send money from their bank accounts to other WhatsApp users.

Several WhatsApp users have reported receiving a message requesting them to set up micropayments in their app. Users can either tap the prompt to set up their payments right away or later in the WhatsApp Settings menu. Sending and receiving money works the same way as it does on Google Pay, Paytm, and other UPI apps.

Here’s how you use WhatsApp to make payments.

  • Go to your app’s Settings menu.
  • At the base of the screen, tap the Add New Payment option.
  • You’ll be taken to a website with a list of banks; select your preferred bank from the list.
  • Post an SMS to verify your phone number.
  • Your phone number will automatically send a message.
  • After that, you can choose a bank account that is tied to the phone number.
  • Select the bank account you wish to add by tapping on it.
  • All of you can now transfer payment to and from your WhatsApp account.

“This strong mortgage experience makes transferring money just as easy as carrying a message,” WhatsApp had claimed about the new feature. Characters can securely send money to a group member or split the cost of things without having to exchange currency or visit a local bank.”