Tips for a Graceful Post-Retirement Life

Retirement: It’s nice to get out of the rat race, but you have to learn to get along with less cheese – Gene Perret

Luxurious and convenient post retirement life is a thing of the past. We are living in an age when the inflation is at its peak and social security benefits are being curtailed. Keeping these points in view, here are few immensely useful tips to for graceful post retirement life.

For having a graceful post retirement life:
1. Pay off all your debt much before you hang up boots.
2. Be prepared for frugal living. Discount coupons and daily deals will help you out.
3. Do away with expensive hobbies and opt for the ones which are cheap or help you in earning additional income.
4. Check where can you get sizable tax break

Start by paying off debt
Every single penny of it, we would say. Yes, you need to settle all your debts – credit card debts, housing and automobile loan – each one of them before you take the plunge. As and when you do that, you will have plenty of cash in hand to spend on yourself post retirement.

Being frugal helps
Chances are that you might have limited savings and few state benefits in kitty when you hang up your boots. That means no more splurging in goods of your liking. Frugal living is the call of the day.

Look for the best prices available around. Keep an eye on discount coupons, a number of which flood most newspapers on Sundays. Invest some time and effort to collect as many of them as possible and utilize them to enjoy discounts whenever you step out in the market.

Let go expensive hobbies
Some hobbies can be really expensive. Take for instance golf, playing which can prove to be quite a drag on your pocket. Let go such hobbies, if any and look for alternatives that are in sync with your pocket and overall financial health. Volunteering and free entertainment opportunities would prove to be a better choice.

Enjoy Tax Breaks
Certain states offer juicy tax breaks to senior citizens. Check out which ones fit into your scheme of things and choose the best out of the lot. Local officials and senior citizen help centers can provide a great deal of information, do check them out to get useful information.

Following above mentioned tips will definitely work to your advantage. So get set and start preparing for your glorious post retirement life.