8 things your real estate broker will never tell you

Even if the deal is sealed, the possession does not happen immediately. In the process there are certain documents required from the broker. If the clauses are worded improperly one party may take advantage of the other. Do get the document reviewed by your lawyer.

5. You Cannot Prosecute Me
Most of the brokerage firms work under Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Any dispute arising between you and your broker is settled here and not in the court. If your broker cheats on you, it is difficult to win damages in brokerage arbitration.

6. My Fees is Flexible
In the past few years there has been proliferation of brokers. Though the broker may make you feel that his commission is not negotiable, but that is not true. Since there is a lot of competition for listings, brokers do lower their fees to increase their client base.

Further, in the wake of property prices falling, there is a chance of getting a good deal at a low commission charges.

7.You Think You Had No Offers, Actually There Were Many
The broker you hire to facilitate sale should tell you all the offers from the prospective buyers, but they do not always do so. They might feel that the offer price is too low to earn them a fat commission.

8. My Service is not Indispensable as You Think
Brokers tends to make you believe that selling or buying house is difficult and best left to professional. It is not complicated as it might seem. If you properly advertise your house and fix the right price, you will immediately find buyers.

Get the property appraisal done to know the exact value of your house.

These tips will surely help you know your agent better, and ensure that you seal best property deals.