8 things your real estate broker will never tell you

Real estate agents are thought to be almost indispensable for property transactions. While you may assume that your property is in safe hands, there could be conflicting interests you’re unaware of.

Be cautious of the following 8 things your broker might well be concealing:

1. My Interest Takes Precedence over Yours
Real estate brokers may let you believe that they are working in your best interest but that is usually not true. They might make you believe that organizing an open house is the best way to tap potential buyers for your house. But it has been observed that its success rate is as low as 4 percent.

It’s Time to Dump Your Agent When He’s…
Constantly Pushy: If your agent is constantly forcing you to make bids, it could mean there are personal interests involved.
Lacks Knowledge: If your agent cannot provide the basic information regarding real estate market and is doubtful of the actual worth of your house, that means he is not the competent agent you took him to be.
Not Committed: You might enter into various agreements with your broker. Watch if he is honoring the commitments on time. If not, it’s time to look for another agent.

Open house does serve other important purpose. Holding such meets allows your broker to build contacts with prospective clients.

If you are the buyer, then be a little more alert. Though brokers are supposed to work for the buyer, helping him strike the best deal without pitfalls, most of them represent companies that work for the seller. These brokerage companies offer commission to the brokers who, obviously, just want the house sold for their cut.

2. Do Not Reveal Everything to Me
You might come across your dream house and call the broker listed on the sale sign to facilitate the deal. Since most brokers represent the seller to help him get the best price for his home, do not get loosed lip while dealing with him.

If you tell your broker that you can afford to pay $450,000 but want to pay $400,000, he is likely to pass on the information to the seller. Do not forget: the higher price you pay for the house, more the broker earns as commission.

3. The House is Falling but I Won’t Let that Mar the Deal
If you think that buying a house is the best bet to double your investment value over the next five years, wake up; the times have changed. So do not get lured when your broker says that buying the house is a great investment.

Further do not expect the broker to tell you that the house has a leaky basement, or there are termites residing etc. Get a home inspection before striking the deal and ensure that the home inspector is not in a secret alliance with your agent.

4. I am Not an Expert
The broker’s is a profession that does not necessitate any education. He could tell you the ways to upgrade the property that you buy, like removing trees to get a better view or fixing up a dilapidated house etc., but most of the brokers do not have any knowledge of laws related to zoning. Find out from the local zoning commission as to what you can or cannot do with the property that you plan to buy.