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Woman fears police will use nude pix

Romeoville, Ill. -- An Illinois woman police say is a suspect in a car vandalism case says she fears what officers will do with the nude pictures on her confiscated cellphone.

Bridget Polaski, 45, said she was stopped while walking to her Romeoville home from Walmart Aug. 6 and officers confiscated her phone, The (Joliet ,Ill.) Herald-News reported Friday.

Polaski said one of the officers "asked me if my boobs were fake or real -- asked me straight out."

Polaski, who was detained for about 2 hours, said she heard officers at the police station laughing about her "fully nude" pictures on the iPhone.

"I'm just really upset about my pictures being all over the Internet, if that's where they end up landing," Polaski said.

Deputy Police Chief Mark Turvey said no officers viewed the pictures and the phone was taken because Polaski is a suspect in a car vandalism case.

"She's a suspect in a criminal damage to property investigation and the officer had reason to believe she had text messages on her phone related to the damage and some threats she had made," Turvey said.

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